But can this site really help me?

We hope so. Similar sites that we have created have helped others, and e-couch has been evaluated in a number of scientific trials by research groups from around the world.

Who is behind e-couch?

The original version of e-couch was co-funded by Australia's beyondblue: the national depression initiative and the Australian National University.

e-couch has continued to be expanded and delivered with funding from the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health & Ageing, as part of its 'Funding for Telephone Counselling, Self Help and Web-based Support Programmes' measure.

beyondblueANUAustralian Government: Department of Health and Ageing

e-couch was originally developed and evaluated over 10 years by researchers at the Australian National University. The principal authors of the content were Professor Kathy Griffiths, Georgia Tayler and Professor Helen Christensen.

The development and delivery of e-couch is now undertaken by e-hub Health – an ANU spin-off company managed by the senior staff involved in the original development and ongoing delivery of the program.

So... How can I try it out for myself?

Before you can start the e-couch program we need you to read the next two pages – our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice. We're really sorry if you find them long and boring but they are important. We promise that e-couch itself is much more interesting. If you agree to the terms of the site we'll see you at the registration page!

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